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WellTracer® is a noninvasive method to determine Downhole conditions. It can be used to find the lift point, see if the well is multi-pointing and can identify leaks from the casing into the tubing.

WellTracer® can answer the above questions about your well with NO loss of production and NO well intervention.

WellTracer™ uses patented technology to inject liquid CO2 into a producing well and captures the CO2 on its return to the surface.



Offers unique advantages over pressure / temperature surveys:



Avoids shutting well in and stopping production



No tools are introduced into well bore



Lift Depth determination directly related to surface casing pressure and lift gas rate measurements



Minimal equipment hook-up needed



Suitable for inclusion in regular operating procedures



Suitable for cases where pressure surveys are not feasible, such as highly deviated and horizontal Wells, along with dual completions


Gas lift well diagnostic, optimization

and surveillance technology (exclusive representation agreement in Mexico)

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