David Alberto Rojas

Chief Executive Officer

Responsibilities: Develop the strategic path of the firm, maintaining clients relationships.

Education: Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. Mechanical Engineer - Simon Bolivar University - Caracas, Venezuela.

With more than 12 years of experience,  Mr. Rojas has achieved a respected experience in the upstream value chain in the Oil & Gas Industry at PEMEX  PEP as a trusted provider. 


Unique combination of local knowledge and expertise

With more than 10 years of involvement in the upstream value chain, POLAGAS offers its clients the complete range of consulting and technical services in areas of applied geosciences, reservoirs, production,  drilling, completion, oil field services, and procurement through its subsidiaries and partners.


We are proud of our role in major ventures across Mexico as we provide comprehensive engineering and technological assistance to our clients.


Experts and industry specialists with broad, comprehensive experience

Our team experts

Rommel De La O - Responsible of HSE


Rommel De la O is a professional in the discipline of HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIROMENT, having 12 years of experience in different areas such as construction, drilling, gas processor centers, gas turbo-generators, steam cyclic injection boilers in both onshore and offshore.


Responsibilities: HSE Representative for Welltracer technology activities, in the offshore northeast marine region of PEMEX.

Education: Obtained a bachelor's degree in Law from Universidad Autónoma de Juarez in Tabasco and a diploma in Oil Engineering endorsed by Universidad Popular de la Chontalpa.

Noe Diaz Lastra - Field Operations Assistant


is a dedicated professional with 1 year experience in the chemical industry and oil and gas industries. He specializes in artificial gas lifting systems (BN in Spanish), developing activities such as logistics, modelling in Winglue, WT technology execution, Echometer socket, Flexim logging, among others.


Responsibilities: Technical assistant running the Welltracer technology.


Education:  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technology of Mexico.

William Garcia - Responsible of HSE

William Garcia.png

William Garcia has 6 years of experience, with knowledge in the area of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection. Previously, he worked at PROJECT: BMW Plant 30-10 in San Luis Potosí. 


Responsibilities: HSE Representative for Welltracer technology activities, in the onshore south region of PEMEX.


Education:  He obtained a Bachelor´s degree in Biology at the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco. Diploma in Training of Specialist Responsible for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection of the Consultancy in Human Development, Quality and Business Competitiveness.

Hector Herrera - Senior Engineer

Hector Herrera.jpg

Héctor Herrera has 7 years of experience in Oil and Gas industry, with extensive knowledge on production operation logistics, gas lift wells analysis with WinGLUE™ and well diagnostics.


Responsibilities: Senior Engineer for WellTracer® Technology.


Education: He earned a Bachelor´s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from University of Veracruz. He is currently studying a Master’s Degree on Business Administration specialized on Quality and Productivity.

Alberto Montesinos - Field Operations Assistant


Alberto Montesinos has more than three years of experience at the oilfield on land operations, specifically in well intervention. He has supervised and been in charge of Coiled Tubing Operations for Schlumberger; preserving, storing and making inventory of rock samples and core plugs for analysis at Petricore. He currently assists at injecting CO2 to the wellbore for production analysis with WellTracer Technology for Petroleum  Oil & Gas Services, Inc. 


Responsibilities: Assisting the crew during the operations with WellTracer Technology, echometer and flowmeter.

Education:  Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering from Instituto Universitario de Yucatán. Associate in Science in Chemistry of Materials from Universidad Tecnológica de Tabasco.

Carlos Chablé- Field Operator Welltracer

Carlos Chable.png

Carlos Chablé is a dedicated professional with 2 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry, with knowledge in the area of ​​directional drilling, deepwater engineering (offshore) and field operations in gas lift well.


Responsibilities: Field operator for welltracer, Echometer and Flexim-flowmeter record taking. interpretation of operating parameters


Education: He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Technological Institute of La Chontalpa, Tabasco, Mexico. Engineering in deepwater systems (offshore) specialty from Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Tabasco, Mexico.

Fabian Rada - Technical Sales Advisor

Fabian Rada has 13 years of experience, with extensive knowledge in the areas of structural and stratigraphic seismic interpretation as part of workflows developed for reservoir characterization. Previously, he worked at Funvisis, CNPC Daqing and PDVSA Sísmica Bielovenezolana.


Responsibilities: Senior Geophysicist and Technical Sales Advisor for Multi-Attribute Analysis platform Paradise®.


Education:  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geophysics from Central University of Venezuela. Seismic Interpretation Diploma Course from Olmeca University, Mexico.

David Rodríguez - Senior Geophysical Enginner

David Rodriguez.jpg

David Rodriguez is a Geophysical Engineer. He has more than 12 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, working as a Seismic Interpreter with different tools focused on the analysis of seismic multi-attributes through unsupervised neural networks. He also has ample experience in AVO analysis (modeling and interpretation), seismic inversion (acoustic and elastic) and also handling tools for petrophysical properties propagation through supervised neural networks. He has also worked as a Senior Seismic Processing Analyst in land and marine data (2D and 3D) in both, time and depth domains and has served as Quality Control Analyst in several 3D land seismic acquisition campaigns.


Responsibilities: Reservoir Characterization Geophysical

Education:  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geophysical Engineer  from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Efren Cordova - Technical Sales Advisor

Efren Cordova is a dedicated professional with 12 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry. Specializes in reservoir and production engineering, developing activities such as pressure transient analysis, production analysis and forecasting, nodal analysis, well diagnostics, etc. 


Responsibilities: Senior Reservoir Engineer and Technical Sales Advisor for WellTracer Technology.


Education:  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Universidad de Oriente.