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Engineering & Technical Consulting

Providing value through cost efficient solutions

A clear understanding of your reservoir, gives you a better position to optimize its lifetime performance. An integrated reservoir model compiles geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering data into one environment, where they can be used to create the most realistic geologic model available.


POLAGAS offers a team of experienced geoscientists and engineers that integrate the geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering information.


Our Reservoir Characterization team has the experience and techniques to build robust models that will be useful for both day to day field monitoring and long-term field development planning.


  • Geology - Measurements at scales from pores to sedimentary basins are analyzed and interpreted to develop micro- and macrogeological models.


  • Geophysics - Large-scale sensing finds reservoirs in all types of environments, providing the basis for a 3D reservoir model with physical properties at all scales


  • Petrophysics Formation evaluation characterizes rock and fluid properties based on downhole measurements, formation testing, and laboratory analysis services


  • Seismic Interpretation and Attribute Analysis  understanding rock characteristics away from the well bore, and properly interpreted volumes are necessary to define faults and other geologic structures


  • Geomodeling – static model creation giving customers a view of a range of reservoir scenarios. Scenario results are then statistically analyzed to focus on the most probable reservoir conditions. 

Reservoir Characterization & Prospect Evaluation

Expert interpretation and comprehensive advice in order to provide an integrated understanding of a reservoir potential 

Productivity & Performance Optimization

Every project comes to us with their particular technical challenges. To maximize our customers’ results, POLAGAS helps with business performance issues, process design, organization and operations challenges, as well as company and individual staff capability and skills development.


Most of the time operational or organizational issues keep from realizing the full potential of an oil or gas asset. Compared to generalist management consulting companies, POLAGAS oilfield understanding and technical expertise connects with our customers’ issues to produce better results faster


Our performance and productivity improvements methodology includes:


  • Patented methodology for improving well productivity in Mexico


  • Non-productive time estimation based on operational best practices


  • Statistical analysis of operating times for drilling , completion and repair of wells


  • Key performance indicators standards, implementation, measurement and optimization


  • Analysis, design, programming, implementation and management of quality system projects


  • Project planning to reduce operating time gaps vs. defined goals


  • On-site assistance for the implementation of strategies and operational and logistical support 

Planta de gas

Productivity & Performance Optimization

Strategic realigment and operational improvement  in order to increase recoverable reserves and optimize well production

gas Managment_2

Reliable and efficient production & transportation processes while improving safety and performance

Engineering & Facilities Assistance

Effective operation of your facilities is key to your success. We recognize that you have your hands full running your core business


Our industry-experienced teams streamline facility operations to provide efficient, effective, and safe working environments.


POLAGAS Engineering and facilities assistance reduce operating costs, improve organizational communication and free up your own team to concentrate on the more strategic tasks. We treat your facility as our own


From drill site preparation to production facility construction services; POGS is uniquely qualified to provide its customers with professional and cost efficient services in the energy sector.


  • Drill Site Preparation


  • Production Facility Construction


  • Compressor Stations


  • Gathering Line Installations


  • Natural Gas Treating Facilities


  • Produced Water/Disposal Facility Construction


  • Production Troubleshooting


  • Production Consulting


  • Oil Transportation Consulting

Integrated consulting assistance in order to achieve operational and economic success

Field Development


Field Development Planning is the process of evaluating multiple development options for a field and selecting the best option based on assessing tradeoffs among multiple factors:


  • Estimation of the potential net present value of the reservoir


  • Oil and Gas recovery scenarios projection


  • Operational flexibility and scalability


  • CAPEX vs. OPEX profiling


  • Technical, operating and financial risks assessments


POLAGAS helps its clients integrate best practices to support operators in formulating integrated field development plans that achieve operational and economic success.


POLAGAS integrates technologies across the field development landscape:


  • Geophysical technologies to help characterize reservoirs


  • Drilling, completion and stimulation technologies to enhance reservoir contact, well productivity and ultimate recovery


  • Lift and flow assurance technologies to ensure high well deliverability


  • Implementation of digital oilfield technologies to optimize surface and subsurface assets and enhance production.

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