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With more than 10 years of involvement in the upstream value chain (Exploration, Development & Production) in the Mexican fields of Tabasco, Campenche and Veracruz, Mexico, POLAGAS possesses the ample experience needed to provide insightful knowledge and assistance for the new Mexican Energy Industry Reform.


Based in Houston, Texas our office is in vicinity of many strategic energy hubs servicing North America and with close proximity of our offices in Paraiso, Villahermosa, Ciudad del Carmen and Comalcalco, Mexico as part of our strategic alliances and subsidiaries

Our offices locations are in vicinity of many strategic energy hubs 

Petroleum Oil & Gas Services, Inc. 


1301 Fannin st. Suite 2440

Houston, TX, 77002

General Information:

Telephone +1 (657) 238.82.21

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Petroleum Oil & Gas Services, Inc. 


Cda. Aristóteles Local 1 Planta Baja 

Parque Comercial e Industrial: El Saman

Km 3.5 Saloya 2da. Sección.

Nacajuca, Tabasco, México, CP: 86245.

General Information:

Telephone +52 (993) 316.36.66

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