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Services & Solutions

Our focal point: the upstream value chain processes

POGS serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the life cycle of the reservoir – from locating the oil reserve and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production through the life of the reservoir.


Our services and solutions are divided in four categories: Engineering & Technical Consulting, Software Solutions, Oil & Gas Services, and Procurement

Focused in adding profitable value


Expert interpretation and comprehensive advice in order to provide an integrated understanding of a reservoir potential 

Reliable and efficient production & transportation processes while improving safety and performance


value through

cost efficient solutions

Strategic realignment and operation improvement in order to increase recoverable reserves and optimize well production

Integrated consulting assistance in order to achieve operational and economic success

Engineering &

Technical Consulting

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos


Technology for 

the Oil & Gas Industry



Paradise - Geoscience Analysis Platform

Plataforma petrolera


solutions tailored

to our customer's needs

Oil & Gas Services

Gas lift well diagnostic, optimization and survelliance technology - WellTracer.




planning and execution


Safety, quality,

speed and reliability 

Count on POGS to consistently deliver improved procurement quality with clear visibility into the process and tracking to aggressive performance standards

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